Serkan Ozsavasci Owner / Founder of
GTE Engineering LLC. PEGA Clutch TM.   

Welcome to my biography web page,

I'm a Automotive Engineer
, specialized in Electric & Electronic, Diagnostics as well Ferrari FF PTU 4wd unit's, F1 & E-Gear Selespeed systems. Parts Engineering, Development, Testing & Manufacturing for Ferrari, Maserati & Lamborghini cars. Have over twenty years of experience. My work has been featured with Super Sport Cars Exclusively.

Proud of what I have achieved thus far, my passion to for Super Sport Cars, grow each and every day. I honor my work and take weary much pride of what I do. As a Ferrari Engineer Technician, I know that is a exceptional privilege and a great honor to be a part of Ferrari family.

Thank you for visiting my biography page.

Serkan Ozsavasci with Sergio Marchionne



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